-- MAY 5, 2018 -- Coastal Studies Institute, Wanchese, NC



































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The Outer Banks Lighthouse Society’s Board of Directors held their annual meeting on Saturday, May 5, 2018, at the Coastal Studies Institute (photo below) of North Carolina in Wanchese.  At this meeting the society’s past accomplishments were reviewed and short- and long-range plans were made for the future.  We also received an update from Jami Lanier, Cultural Resource Manager for the Outer Banks Group of the National Parks Service. 






The 2018-2019 Board Members and Officers were selected as follows:


                President:             Richard Meissner

                Vice-President:     Judy Moon

                Secretary:            Cheryl Shelton-Roberts

                Treasurer:            Robert DaVia


The 2018-2019 board members are pictured above. Left to right are: Cyndy Holda, Bett Padgett, Bob DaVia, co-founder Bruce Roberts, Nicole DaVia, John Havel, president Richard Meissner, Doug Stover, co-founder Cheryl Shelton-Roberts, Diana Chappell, Kelly Waller, Gayle Keresey, and vice-president Judy Moon.  


Our board of directors are dedicated individuals who work hard to further the Society’s goals of education and preservation of North Carolina’s lighthouses. Bill Padgett and Marjorie Spruill have stepped down as board members and we thank them for their past service.  ​