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PEOPLE OF ALL AGES are drawn to lighthouses: some because of their historical significance, some because of their majestic mystique, some for the stories within the walls of the towers, and some seeking spiritual identity.  For whatever reason, people from all over the world visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina to see the lighthouses.  The members of the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society share this interest and a common goal in keeping these lights shining.  
Come see our lighthouses.  They call to us not just across the water but across time.
They are markers of history, of navigation, and of our dreams.



Posted April 11, 2017 -- It Takes an Engineer to Raise a Lighthouse -- For many years, the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society (OBLHS) has offered to visit classrooms to talk about North Carolina lighthouses. This year, two fourth-grade teams of teachers and their students take the spotlight: East Clayton Elementary in Raleigh and Providence Creek Elementary in Charlotte. Students studied coastal features and current problems as well as lighthouse architecture.


Bruce Roberts and Cheryl Shelton-Roberts, cofounders of OBLHS, had the pleasure to visit Providence Creek Elementary. The center of the room was dominated by a big coastal map showing ocean and inlets and sounds. Marking major map points were students’ handmade lighthouse models–and this went on throughout five classrooms. These students have “adopted” our society and have donated well over $1,000 for the benefit of North Carolina’s lights.


OBLHS offers two types of grants to assist classes traveling to a lighthouse or to help with expenses while studying maritime history, currently included in fourth- and eighth-grade state curricula. The society has sponsored hundreds of students to visit a lighthouse. You can read more about these grants on their website at .


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