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Relocating Structures at Bodie Island Lighthouse Area

The 1878 Bodie Island Life-Saving Station, 1916 boathouse, and the two-story Coast Guard Station have been relocated from their ocean-side sites across Hwy 12 north of the Coquina Beach entrance on the east side the highway, to the entrance of the Bodie Island Light Station on Lighthouse Bay Drive. It sat on the edge of the continent and withstanding all of Mother Nature's harsh elements since 1925. Both will serve several purposes including staff housing and exhibit areas.  Being away from the harsh elements of storms will give both structures greater longevity.

John Gaskill, lighthouse keeper's son and life-saving station keeper's nephew, once stated that it was not a matter of "if" but "when" a storm would damage all three structures. The coast guard station will find a new life and purpose after undergoing repairs and restoration.

These structures were deeded to the National Park Service in 1953 when the Cape Hatteras National Seashore was officially established. All three structures were moved by Worth H. Hare and Son, House Movers, Inc. and a tractor driven by Sonny Jones. How good are these movers? Sonny can move buildings and not upset an open Coke bottle on the porch. At least one of the structures will likely serve as residence for park lifeguards and/or park staff. It is to be hoped the life-saving station will be the center for interpreting the history of the great service that saved countless lives in this part of the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

Life Saving Station and Boathouse
photo courtesy of Diana Chappell

Coast Guard Station
photo courtesy of Diana Chappell