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Welcome to the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society
~ Advocates for North Carolina Lighthouses ~

People of all ages are drawn to lighthouses for various reasons. Some because of their historical significance, some because of their majestic mystique, some for the stories within the walls of the towers, and some are seeking spiritual identity. For whatever reason, people from all over the world visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina to see the lighthouses. We all have a common interest. The members of the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society share this interest and a common goal in keeping these lights shining. Come see our lighthouses. They call to us not just across the water but across time. They are markers of history, of navigation and of our dreams.

Enjoy them, they belong to you.

A message from our co-founder, Bruce Roberts

Join us for our 2015 Keepers Weekend, members meeting and Awards Dinner. Details here.

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NEWS: Hatteras Foundation Stones Moved

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Lighthouse Updates, Winter 2015
Learn the latest news about lighthouse openings and fees.
Includes Chickamacomico Life-saving Station, Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum,
& Maritime Center Lighthouse Facility.

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OBLHS offers grants to help school children visit lighthouses in their community. Information
about our Students' Lighthouse Travel Application can be found here:
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CONGRATULATIONS to Clayton Elementary School and Old Baldy Foundation (for Southport schools) who are recipients of 2014 Students' Lighthouse Travel Grants!

OBLHS offers grants to help other lighthouse organizations and community to aid in their quest for preservation. More information on our general grant can be found here:
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Deadline for grant applications is January 31st.

alert Old Baldy Foundation's search for pieces of the Cape Fear Lens! Please help!

Photos of the Bodie Island Lighthouse Restoration in "Latest News" section

North Carolina to Become Lighthouse Climbers' Mecca - Article

Recap of a fantastic weekend---the BOLD
Bodie Island Lighthouse Keepers' Homecoming
- Article

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Chicamacomico Life Saving Station
Rodanthe, NC

As soon as we were a country, Congress was asked, "What can be done about all those Shipwrecks?

The answer was two-fold: ~
1790– Congress created the United States Light-House Establishment to warn ships of danger, hoping that would be enough…But it wasn’t nearly enough, ships still wrecked. Lots of lives & cargo was lost. Finally,1871– Congress created the United States Life-Saving Service to rescue shipwrecked victims in peril from the sea. Read the story at www.chicamacomico.net

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2013 Winter Newsletter available online for members only

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